Bhairab Aryal’s collection of essays released

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 30:

Humorist and satirist Bhairab Aryal’s collection of essays was released at a function organised by the Bhairab Puraskar Guthi today. Galbandi, Etishree, Aawataar, Jayabhudi and Kauguti are the five essays included in the book. Releasing the book, famous satirist and humorist, Krishna Singh Pradhan, said Bhairab is one artist whose place no one has been able to take.

“Another two decades will not produce another Bhairab Aryal.”

Pradhan pointed out that the humour and satire in literature are disppearing. Hence, “Aryal’s contributions are priceless and we are overwhelmed by what he has left us.” President of the guthi, Ramesh Bikal, said: “It has become difficult to get Aryal’s works. Our objective was to make his works available to school and college students.” Litteratuer and critic Bishnu Prasad Ghimire, who is also doing his PhD on Aryal’s works said, “Aryal wrote humour and satire and blended criticism into his work,” adding Aryal wrote not only on national issues but also on international ones.

Pointing out the genius of Aryal, Ghimire said, “He created his own words like Dhulahar, Lavidharey, Cinemalaya and others. I still don’t know what some of the words mean.”

Secretary of Pragya Pratisthan, Tulsi Bhattarai, summed up everything in, “No other work can mathch Aryal’s creations.” Aryals’s other works include Khola Pari ko Kula, Tauko, Bhancha Bho Hajur, Kanya Keti Khojda, Ma Pai.