Bhaktapur Hospital lacks ambulance service

Bhaktapur, November 10

Bhaktapur Hospital was established 10 years ago, but the health facility still lacks ambulance service. Emergency patients hire private ambulance to reach the hospital for treatment.

“We have time and again requested the government to provide ambulance to the hospital, but to no avail,” said Dr Sudha Devkota, director at the hospital. She said the hospital was also facing difficulties due to lack of infrastructure, human resources and adequate budget.

“The number of patients in the hospital has been increasing day by day, but we are unable to provide them quality services. The hospital has been referring critical cases to other government and private hospitals,” she said, adding that although the hospital is close to the city, it remained neglected by the government.

The hospital has been providing all kinds of treatment services, except eye treatment, but lacked enough doctors.

“We have  75 beds, but we are unable to admit patients due to lack of enough doctors and proper infrastructure. To make matters worse, the government has been transferring human resources from our hospital to other hospitals without even informing us,” she claimed.

She also urged the government to provide necessary human resources and at least one ambulance to the hospital.  “This would greatly help us save the lives of patients requiring emergency treatment.”