Bhaktapur offices fail to pay electricity bill

BHAKTAPUR: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Bhaktapur branch is yet to collect electricity bill of approximately Rs 130.8 million.

Even the government offices in the District fail to clear their electricity tariff on time, according to the NEA.

The NEA Bhaktapur branch said the Bhaktapur Municipality has the largest amount in due at Rs 54.5 million.

It is learned that the Bhaktapur Municipality has not paid the electricity bill for many years.

Various other government offices in the Bhaktapur district are yet to clear Rs 2.969 million. The Guthi Sansthan has to pay Rs 1.946 million and the 16 previous VDC offices (now four new municipalities) Rs 8.319 million.

The Taleju Temple Management Committee under the Guthi Sansthan has a payable amount of Rs 1.9 million.

Similarly, Rs 2.149 million electricity tariff of street lamps and various temples remains in arrears, the NEA Bhaktapur branch stated.

Meanwhile, the NEA Bhaktapur sold electricity worth Rs 317.3 million in the last six and half months, but only managed to collect Rs 295.6 million.