Bhaktapur transporters to obstruct Sajha Yatayat buses

KATHMANDU: Transport entrepreneurs of Bhaktapur district have warned of obstructing Sajha Yatayat buses from plying roads of the districts.

Speaking with journalists in Bhaktapur today, they said the Sajha Yatayat's entry into the market would sideline them.

The Bhaktapur Minibus Service Committee's Chairperson Gyanendra Maharjan said the big buses from a new operator were not necessary as the local entrepreneurs were preparing to introduce 40 buses of the same size in the district.

He further warned that transportation along all rural roads of the district would be halted if their demand was not heeded.

Transport entrepreneurs Ram Kaji Bhuju and Rajan Kasalwat said the introduction of the Sajha bus would lead small entrepreneurs to bankruptcy and deprive workers of their employment.