Bharatnatyam workshop in Patan

KATHMANDU: The Theatre Mall, Sundhara in cooperation with Kartik Nach Preservation Committee, Patan is organising a 20-day Bharatnatyam dance training and workshop in Patan from tomorrow.

According to a press statement, participants will be trained by Matina Manandhar, the only person to hold a master's degree in Bharatnatyam dance in Nepal.

Manandhar was mentored by some of the most respected Bharatnatyam gurus including Srilatha Vinod and  Athina Madhu, according to Theatre Mall Artistic Director Kedar Shrestha.

"I feel happy to teach the dance in this workshop programme. I will be teaching some of the basic aspects of the Bharatnatyam dance," the statement quoted Manandhar as saying.

Event manager Elina Nakarmi said that the workshop would start from Friday and is scheduled to be 40-credit hour long.

Event coordinator Sunita Rajbhandari said, "Matina Manandhar is an exception. She is like no other. She is the only one to earn a master's degree in the dance from Nepal. So this workshop is a golden opportunity for all."

Shrestha said," This dance workshop is organised with an objective of preserving the classical form of dance in today's modern world, where people are mostly attracted to western music and western dance forms."

"We have targeted the cine artists and common people with dance interest,"added Shrestha.

The programme will end in November 21.