Bhatta demands answer from TRC chair

Kathmandu, July 19

Truth and Reconciliation Commission member Madhabi Bhatta has demanded an answer from the body’s Chairman Surya Kiran Gurung over the latter’s refusal to discuss her agendas.

Earlier, Bhatta had requested Chairman Gurung to call a meeting of the TRC so as to clarify its position on the issue of use of children during the Maoist insurgency. She had also sought amendments to the TRC regulations to make it victim-friendly and demanded an answer from Gurung over  “arbitrary deputation of members and staffers”of

the  transitional justice mechanism.

“I request the chairman to direct the TRC secretary to put my agendas for discussion at the next meeting,” Bhatta wrote to Chairman Gurung. “Otherwise, I would like to know from the

chairman in writing why

the agendas, which I have raised, cannot be presented for discussion at the meeting.”

Bhatta said Chair Gurung had initially directed TRC secretary to forward her agendas for discussion, but later refused to discuss them, saying the issues raised by her were beyond the body’s jurisdiction.

Talking to The Himalayan Times, Bhatta said all her demands were within the jurisdiction of the transitional justice body and accused Chairman Gurung of trying to avoid the agendas due to pressure from other TRC members, including Manchala Jha.

She also stated that Chairman Gurung did not have authority to discard issues raised by other members of the TRC and demanded impartiality in the conduct of the body.