Bibek sharma luiteL MURDER issue : Resignation of Sitaula, police officials sought

Kathmandu, October 7 :

Relatives of Bibek Sharma Luitel, who was kidnapped and murdered some days ago, today demanded the resignation of Home Minister Krisha Prasad Sitaula and police officials involved in the investigation. Bibek’s relatives blamed that police officials “failed to rescue the boy on time” and now they are trying to protect the real culprits. Bibek’s relatives demanded the formation of an all-party judicial commission to find out the facts regarding the issue and punish the guilty.

Relatives and residents of Koteshwor put these demands at Maitighar Mandala where they have gathered to lit wax-sticks to condole Sharma’s killing this evening.

In a press statement distributed at the gathering, Bimala Luitel, Bibek’s mother, raised a number of questions over the credibility of police and their investigation.

“Police said Wakil Ansari and Papu Mandal were involved in murdering Bibek. The body of the kid was found 22 days after the kidnapping and it is said that the boy was murdered on the day of kidnapping. “Why Wakil Ansari could not show the body whereas he was arrested the next day of the kidnapping and the body was shown only after the arrest of Mandal?” Luitel asked.

Koteshwor residents themselves arrested Ansari and Bhikhari Khan, who publicly told the locals that they had handed over the boy to Pateni Lama of Ghattekulo.

“The duo told the same to the police time and again. But police forced them to change their statement,” Luitel said.

“In front of me, housemaid of Petini Lama and Sakila Khapung, who was caught on the tip-off from Ansari and Khan, told the police that they had seen a kid at Lama’s house. But, the police later forced them to change their statement,” she added.

Koteshwor residents expressed anger over police administration and the home minister for ‘protecting’ the real culprits. “The home minister and the police official involved in the investigation should immediately be sacked,” they said.

The eight-year-old Bibek Sharma Luitel was kidnapped from his house at Koteshwor on September 9 and police found his dead body on September 30.