Bibeksheel Party’s first phase of protest over


Bibeksheel Party has completed its month-long first phase of protest against the December 20 move of dissolving the House of Representatives.

The party has been protesting through various innovative ways calling the House dissolution an ‘unconstitutional’ move against democracy.

It has also urged the government to be more serious about the COVID-19 situation and work towards getting the vaccine.

Yesterday and today, the party staged protests at Maitighar Mandala reminding the government that it was time to provide the much-needed vaccine against coronavirus.

In the last one month, Bibeksheel Party has staged creative protests such as by making an authoritative crown, a symbol that satirically represented how Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and President Bidhya Devi Bhandari were acting.

In another protest, cadres of the party displayed mirrors urging everyone, including PM Oli, to evaluate themselves.

Similarly, they also displayed plant saplings in flowerpots chanting the slogan ‘Don’t kill the new sapling of democracy.”

Issuing a press release later, the party said it would continue the protest until the House was reinstated.