Bids invited for Melamchi

Kathmandu, February 19:

The Melamchi Water Supply Development Board (MWSDB) has accelerated its procedures for construction of the headwork and 26-km tunnel by inviting bids.

The 26-km water diversion tunnel is the biggest civil work package under the project which will bring 170 million litres of water daily from the Melamchi river to Kathmandu to ease chronic water shortages here.

“We have invited sealed bids for construction of headwork and tunnel,” said Purna Das Shrestha, the deputy executive director of the project.

He added that only seven parties, which were selected during the pre-qualification, would be allowed to participate in the bidding.

The bidding is open for the pre-qualified bidders from eligible source countries of the ADB. The board has also demanded a bid security of $1.6 million and the bidders have until May 2 to submit their bids.

Construction of the tunnel would cost $69 million according to the present estimation, he said.