Bill on human trafficking to be presented soon

Kathmandu, September 21:

The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare is all set to present three bills on Human Trafficking, on National Women Commission and on Elimination of Sexual Harassment in Work Place after approval from the Cabinet.

An official at the ministry said the bill on Trafficking in Human has broadened the concept of the acts of trafficking and will criminalise acts of transporting, transfer and harbouring of a human being for the purpose of organ transplantation, slavery and bonded labour. The bill is drafted from the victims’ perspective to create a supportive and enabling environment for women, children and other vulnerable groups. It also accords importance to protection of the privacy of the victims of trafficking, it provides in-camera hearing to the victims, he said.

The existing Human Trafficking Act narrowly defines the acts of trafficking as moving, selling or buying of women and children for prostitution within and outside the country. The bill considers the aspects of victim’s dignity, privacy, care and support and is comprehensive, effective and human rights-sensitive.

It has also incorporated the concept of rehabilitation of the victims, establishing rehabilitation centres and re-integrating them in their families and society, the official said.

The bill proposes providing compensation to victims depending on the degree of crime committed against him/her.