Bill proposes greater powers for NWC

Kathmandu, November 3

The government has proposed giving more powers to National Women Commission in a new bill registered at the Parliament Secretariat recently to amend the existing law related to the commission.

The bill has proposed giving the commission some important powers, such as recommending to the government policy and laws for the empowerment of women, and strategies to prevent problems emerging as a result of discrimination and violence against women.

The bill proposes to mandate the commission to recommend all concerned bodies ways to enhance access of women to capital, resources and technologies.

The bill has also proposed allowing the commission to launch awareness programmes to protect and promote women rights. Similarly, it proposes mandating the commission to design and implement programmes to end discrimination and violence against women, and superstition.

As per the bill, if a woman is deprived of her rights by an individual or an organisation, the commission may order to stop such an act after investigation. To avoid duplication, the commission will not take up any case being investigated by any other body.

Similarly, if a person or an institution is found guilty, the commission can write to the office of Attorney General seeking action against concerned individual or organisation. The bill has proposed mandating the commission to reconcile conflicting parties if the latter file a joint petition for the same.

In its explanatory note, the bill says the proposed amendment would empower the commission and create ground for effective implementation of women rights, and concerned policies and programmes. The bill also provisions effective work division among the commission’s chairperson and its members.