Bills on reconstruction authority, constitution amendment tabled amid Madhesi parties' protest

KATHMANDU: The Reconstruction Authority Bill and the Constitution Amendment Bill were tabled at the Legislature-Parliament amid hullabaloo due to the protest by Madhesi parties on Tuesday afternoon.

Lawmakers of the Madhesi parties resorted to protest saying they would not accept today's business schedule as tabling of Constitution Amendment Bill was also included in it.

According to them, they had agreed to let the tabling of the Reconstruction Authority Bill only.

Earlier, the main opposition Nepali Congress had been obstructing the House proceedings demanding that both the bills, prepared and registered at the House by the erstwhile Sushil Koirala-led government, be tabled.

Following the obstruction, the House has been put off till tomorrow.

On the other hand, the Madhesi parties have refused to accept the Constitution Amendment Bill, claiming that it would not address their concerns or resolve the Madhes crisis. They are of the opinion that the constitution should be amendment along with a package deal on the provincial boundaries and other issues put forth by them.

Leaders of the three major parties -- Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and UCPN-Maois, had discussed four alternatives to clear the House obstruction yesterday

One of the alternatives discussed included tabling of both the bills as per the NC's demands, despite potential protests from Madhesi parties.