Bir Hospital, CNN differ on reported surgery after quake


Bir Hospital has said that CNN medical correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta incorrectly reported that he operated on an eight-year-old girl after Nepal’s devastating earthquake in April.

Dahal and her family said she was in the hospital for eight days with minor injuries and a broken wrist but did not have any surgery. She showed minor scars on her head. Her grandfather — 61-year-old Ram Bahadur — said her wounds needed only stitches after being injured by falling debris on April 25.

She was taken to two different hospitals before ending up at Bir hospital. She said she was visited by many doctors, including foreign ones, but was not sure if one was Gupta. Dahal’s family does not own a television.

On CNN’s New Day yesterday, Gupta addressed the issue of how the names of two patients could have been confused.“When you think about reporting these types of stories, it is a chaotic situation,” he said, adding that the hospital’s lobby turned into a ‘massive triage area’.

CNN has said it is working to verify the identity of the Nepalese patient operated on by its medical correspondent.