Bird flu comes to nepal:So far, so good for humans

Kathmandu, January 23:

Though the outbreak of bird flu has been reported in Jhapa district, not a single case of the disease in human has been recorded till date, according to the Department of Health Services.

“Not even a single case of bird flu in humans has been recorded so far. But we have kept three suspected people under watch for a week,” Dr Manas Banerjee, coordinator of Avian Influenza Control Project, said.

“Even if the case is diagnosed in humans, we have full mechanism to treat the patients in isolation. We will treat the patients in incubation for a week. We will discharge them only after full treatment,” he added. He said they were fully prepared to contain

the disease.

“Health personnel, who are in direct contact with the patients, are the most vulnerable to the disease,” he said. He also emphasised the need to inform people about the disease.

Baikuntha Parajuli, director general of Department of Livestock Services, said they had culled 23,830 chickens, 373 ducks and 292 pigeons and had destroyed 4,848 eggs so far.

“So far, only 15 chickens have died of bird flu,” he said, adding,”We had to cull all domesticated birds, eggs and diet within the 3-km radius of the infected area as per the existing provisions to combat the outbreak.”

“We have put our teams on high alert to take necessary steps to contain the spread of the disease,” Govinda Prasad Ojha, director general of Department of Health Services, said. He also said the department was providing free medial services to people in risk of catching the disease.