Bird sanctuary then, dumping site now

Kathmandu, February 21:

A bird sanctuary in the city has turned into a dumping site of sorts.

This ‘transformation’ occurred as birds kept at the Bhrikutimandap-based Kathmandu Fun Park died all of a sudden.

Enclosed structures, which were installed in the Kathmandu Fun Park to keep birds, are being used to dump waste.

The cages are broken and the waste generated in Kathmandu Fun Park is dumped in these enclosures.

Boards identifying different species of birds remind that this was a bird sanctuary once.

There are around 12 cages in the park. “Four months ago, these cages were full of birds. They died all of a sudden,” said park staffer Krishna Shrestha.

The sanctuary had birds including Java sparrow, cocktail, Orange bishop (Robin), Budgerigar, Guinea pig and peacock.

“The birds might have died due to cold or lack of care,” Shrestha said. “A dog killed a peacock. Other birds were quite young. They probably did not

get the care that was needed.”

Park staffers said a man was employed to look after the birds. He left as the birds died.

The tropical birds were brought from India, another park staffer Manohari Rimal said, adding that they died, probably because they could not adapt to cold climate.

Nevertheless, quite near the sanctuary there is a small fenced area, where three ostriches are still surviving. A small eatery on the premises of the park is providing food to the ostriches.

A regular visitor said that the park looked lively when there were birds, adding, “After the death of the birds, the area looks deserted and ugly. One does not feel like coming here.”

Lyamah Pucha, a youth club, is managing the fun park. The park offers adventurous rides and other recreational facilities for children and adults.