Blood shortage hits Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur, October 18:

Blood Bank Bhaktapur run by the Bhaktapur district branch of Nepal Red Cross Society has been hit by an acute shortage of blood. In response, its Barahi sub-branch today organised an emergency blood donation drive here this morning.

Some 28 local youths donated blood during the programme organised at local Ghatkha Tole, which, according to senior lab technician at the Blood Bank, Kedar Karanjit, has saved many lives today.

Chief of the Blood Bank laboratory in Bhaktapur district Karanjit said the blood bank needs fresh blood components with the increase in the number of patients including that of cancer, liver and kidney.

He said Bhaktapur needs some 60 units of blood components every day while the central blood bank needs 100 units a day.

However, it is very difficult to fulfill the demand because the blood should be fresh and is used within six hours after it has been donated.

He said authorities should motivate youths, college and school students and other social activists towards donating blood to meet the increasing demand for blood in different hospitals.

Vice president of the Barahi sub-branch of Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) Krishneswori Hada said the committee is planning to organise mobile blood donation drives at different parts of the Bhaktapur district in order to fulfill the demand of blood in the district.

Karanjit said the Blood Bank also sends blood components to different parts of the country for emergency cases.