Boy succumbs to injuries suffered at hands of dad

Kathmandu, May 24:

A 10-year-old boy, who was injured after his drunkard father Rajendra Manandhar pushed him down a three-storey building at Balaju on April 24, died today.

Rajesh succumbed to his injuries after 27 days of treatment at the Kanti Ishwori Hospital and the Kathmandu Model Hospital.

Dr Jyoti Ratna Dhakhwa and Dr Sushma Shrestha had declared him clinically dead on May 22.

A team from the Balaju Ward Police Office and the The Women’s Foundation (TWF) had rescued the child from the house on April 28, four days after the incident took place. The team had acted following a tip-off from one Saraswati Pandey, a neighbour of the Manandhars.

Kamala Uprety, the general secretary of TWF, said the boy was locked up in a dingy room for four days without food and water. “He had turned very pale and had been wearing blood-stained clothes. Other family members, too, didn’t show much concern over the incident,” she said.

“Though an aunt of the boy, Nani Chori Manandhar, admitted that she saw bloodstains on the staircase on April 24, she said she had no idea about the torture,” Uprety said.

“The boy lost his mental balance and had been addicted to sniffing glue. His mother also committed suicide two years ago due to his father’s brutality,” she said.

Neighbours preferred not to comment on the incident.

Senior Manandhar, a taxi driver by profession, had been earlier arrested for ill treating his son, but subsequently freed on bail. He, is however, in custody once again and is cooling his heels at the Kathmandu District Police Office, Hanumandhoka, on the charge of murdering his son.