Buddha Krishna announces tongue piercing in upcoming Bisket Jatra

BHAKTAPUR: Buddha Krishna Baga Shrestha of Bode, Madhyapur Thimi in Bhaktapur district, has announced to pierce his tongue for the upcoming Bisket Jatra in Thimi.

It would be the fifth time for the 45-year-old to pierce his tongue for the centuries-old carnival, which is celebrated on Baishakh 2 of solar calendar every year.

The festival is being celebrated on April 15 this year.

Earlier, Shrestha had taken the responsibility from 2005 to 2008 before Juju Bhai Basan Shrestha pierced his tongue for eight consecutive years.

Juju Bhai decided not to volunteer for the festival this year as his wife and sister-in-law were under the weather.

With his declaration of not offering his service this year, the locals had feared the discontinuity of the centuries-old tradition in lack of the host since the one who pierces the tongue must be from Shrestha caste and compulsorily from Bode.

Meanwhile, Buddha Krishna came forward to carry on the tradition.

According to him, there would be economic burden to the family of the person who pierces tongue as it has to host a big feast. The tradition is carried out with a partial financial support from Thimi Municipality, Guthi Sansthan and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.