Buddha pride of Nepal: Ram Dev

KATHMANDU: Yoga Guru Swami Ram Dev today said that Gautam Buddha is the pride of Nepal.

Talking to media persons, Swami Ram Dev said, “There is no doubt that Buddha was born Nepal. Now he is a universal character.” Opposing the rumour about Buddha’s birth place being India, he said, “Any enlightened person is a dignity and pride of a nation,” adding, “I will campaign for Nepal if anyone says that Buddha was born in India,” he added.

Swami Ram Dev arrived here in Kathmandu today from India for the Yog Vigyan Shivir-2010 being held at Tundikhel through March 27 to April 1. About 30,000 people are taking part in the camp being held from tomorrow.

The Swami said that India is a true friend of Nepal as both countries are linked by similar culture, spiritualism and social structure. “Nepal and India are equal brothers and both are independent and sovereign countries. The cultural relationship between the two countries is similar to the present age of democracy since the period of Lord Rama in India.”

He, however, said that China is not a better friend of Nepal as it does not have open border for Nepal and does not provide jobs for Nepalese. “If China is true friend of Nepal, it should show kindness by employing Nepalis in China by opening its border,” he said.

Answering a query on monarchy, the Swami said that democracy is a better political system for the development of a society than monarchy. “However, if democracy does not become stronger, it will turn into mobocracy,” he said.

On religion he said, secularism is a concept of honouring all religion equally conspiracies are being hatched against it here.

According to him, the concept is being taken negatively here. This is breaking the society dangerously. Until society and government are united, institutionalised and cultured, neither democracy will be stronger nor the nation. “Yoga helps make it possible,” he said.

Expressing condolence over the demise of Girija Prasad Koirala, Swami said, “Koirala, who was friendly, experienced and mature leader, contributed a lot to democracy and nation.”

Further on democracy and corruption he said, if society becomes aware, democracy will be strengthened and corruption will subside. The number of political parties in Nepal should be downsized to five. There are 25 political parties in the country. “Honest leaders should be elected,” he said, adding that he will set up a political party in India.

Saying that Nepali people are simple, friendly and spiritual he informed that he will set up three Patanjali Yoga Peeths in Mandikhatar, Dhulikhel and Syangja within a year. He said, “I condemn the culture of killing and sacrifice of animal in religion here in Nepal. Non violence, love and peace are the spirit of religion, he added.

Likewise for the prosperity of Nepal he suggested that Nepal needs to tap on its immense natural resources.

‘Yoga a life system’

KATHMANDU: Swami Ram Dev on Friday said Yoga is a life system. Many diseases like obesity, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure will be cured by 75 per cent after Yoga, he claimed. “Even cardiac diseases, hepatitis and cancer can be cured through Yoga,” he said. Swami worried about the addiction of young generation to smoking and drinking. “All rich and poor are welcome to cure their disease by practicing Yoga,” Swami Ram Dev said.