Buddhist body for one-China policy

KATHMANDU: Nepal Buddhist Federation (NBF) today expressed serious concern over the accusation that the monasteries were used for storing cache of arms in order to carry out anti-China activities.

It also made it clear that the NBF and monasteries across Nepal were always in favour of one-China policy.

During a recent television interview, former royal minister Radha Krishna Mainali and member of Constituent Assembly Suresh Karki had claimed that arms were recovered from the underground setting of Namobuddha Gumba of Kavre district and also that anti-China movements were being carried out from such monasteries in the country.

Organising a press conference here today, the NBF denied the charges outright and challenged to prove the accusation.

According to Karma Shempen of NBF, the interview has defamed the monasteries among millions of people. "Even China might change its perspective to look at the monasteries of Nepal," he said fearing that such baseless rumors might adversely affect the entente between Nepal and China.

The NBF also said that the Image Channel -- the television channel that broadcast the interview -- should not have done so due to the sensitive issue without confirming the claim. It also sought apology from the channel.

A dozen of Buddhist organisations, including Nepal Tamang National Federation, Nepal Sherpa Association, Mustang Society, have also taken exception to the media report.

Secretary of Namobuddha Monastery of Kavre, Kembo Chuing Rangtol, said one could always welcome to inspect any monasteries, except during the meditation hours. "I request all the media people to visit the monastery and report the reality about the activities on the monasteries."

"It seems that attempts are on to push the nation towards religious and ethnic conflict and thus taking the nation towards disintegration. So everyone should be aware of such attempts and save the nation," said human rights activist Sudip Pathak. He urged the Image Channel to begin probe into the incident and seek apology. "Otherwise, religious conflict will finish the nation," he added.