Bureaucracy reform plan ready: Ghimires

Kathmandu, September 6 :

Chief Secretary of the government Bhojraj Ghimire said today that the 10-year work plan to reform bureaucracy is in its final stage.

Speaking at an interaction organised ahead of the Civil Service Day, Ghimire said: “The 10-year work plan to reform the country’s bureaucracy as directed by PM Girija Prasad Koirala has reached the final stage.”

Stating that there is a need to change the mentality of civil servants, Ghimire said the leadership is now trying to work as per the concept of “democratic people-oriented administration”.

He claimed that radical reform was not possible and people-oriented service was not possible as the civil administration of the country worked under “autocracy of one form or the other”.

“I know bureaucracy is alleged of being more loyal to laws and procedures than to the people. But, with regained democracy, people will really see effective, transparent and people-oriented bureaucracy,” he promised.

Chief Secretary Ghimire expressed optimism that the Civil Service Act the government is trying to introduce would help reform bureaucracy.

“As there is clear criteria for promotion, the new law will help boost the image of civil servants.”