KATHMANDU: The Constituent Assembly has endorsed the draft constitution with a two-third majority on Wednesday evening.

When put to split voting after endorsement of its individual articles and schedules, the entire Revised Bill on Nepal's Constitution garnered support from 507 out of 598 lawmakers.

As many as 25 CA members cast their vote against the Revised Bill, while 65 others did not take part in the voting process.

As two-third majority in support of the draft constitution did not call for his decisive vote,  CA Chairman Subas Chandra Nembang's did not cast his vote.


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KATHMANDU: After endorsing the individual articles and schedules of the Revised Bill on the new constitution with a clear majority, the Constituent Assembly initiated a process to endorse the entire Revised Bill on Wednesday evening.

Two-third majority is needed for the endorsement of the Constitution Bill.

Before putting the Bill to vote, Constitution Drafting Chairman Krishna Prasad Sitaula addressed the CA meeting and tabled tabled the Bill for a split voting.

Currently, there are 598 members in the CA, including CA Chairman Subas Chandra Nembang.

Since the Chairman uses his vote only in decisive cases, two third of 597 votes (399) are required to endorse the constitution.

Earlier, the CA had endorsed all individual articles and Preamble of the constitution.