CA meeting hailed

Kathmandu, May 31:

The Carter Centre has congratulated the people of Nepal and the political parties for holding the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA), which shows the commitment towards a multiparty democracy and sustainable development.

A statement issued here by the centre said the recently elected CA has taken a historical step to transform Nepal into a federal democratic republic and opened a new phase in the country’s history.

“The Carter Centre expects that in this new phase all the Nepali people especially the historically marginalised groups will be able to exercise their rights in a free society governed by the rule of law, which is focused on peace, progress and prosperity of the country,” the statement said.

The statement added that the CA has a duty to frame the Constitution that addresses aspirations of diverse population of Nepal. The assembly has been formed as the most inclusive body in a right manner, it said.

The centre said it encourages all the CA members to work effectively and transparently, extensively consult with different levels of society, reflect the aspirations of the voters and be accountable and responsible towards the people of Nepal.