CA members vow to address youth issues

Kathmandu, October 2:

Constituent Assembly members and political leaders today pledged the youths to get their issues incorporated in the new constitution.

Speaking at an introductory meeting of National Youth Coordination Committee for Constitution Building (NYCC) with several stakeholders, senior Maoist leader Barsa Man Pun ‘Ananta’ said, “We are on the way to write a new constitution after rooting out old traditional feudalistic social, political and economic systems. Therefore, role of youths is important to build a new Nepal.” The programme was organised by Association of Political Science Students (APSS).

Pun said, “We are committed to include one third of youths in all sectors so as to build a New Nepal with new energy.”

“The new constitution should ensure the fundamental rights of all Nepali regardless of their caste, ethnicity, race and gender,” he said. “NYCC would play a key role to get their issued incorporated in the new constitution and implementation thereafter.”

Senior Nepali Congress leader Prakash Saran Mahat said the new constitution should guarantee rights of people belonging to all communities. “Once the rights of youths are ensured through the constitution, it would be easy for them to help build a new Nepal,” he added.

Former CPN-UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal said the youths were the assets of the country, and they should be involved in all sectors to build a society based on justice and equality.

President of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Kush Kumar Joshi underscored the need to introduce a policy to mobilise and use the energy of youths in nation building and to ease the problem of unemployment.

Highlighting the objectives of NYCC, Rajendra Prasai, president of APSS, said NYCC would help the CA and constitution makers incorporate the problems and issues related to youths in the constitution for the sake of country’s development.