KATHMANDU: The Committee on Citizen Relations and Public Opinion Collection at the Constituent Assembly (CA) demanded that the CA allocate at least 26 days to take first draft of the Constitution to public and collect people's feedback on it, before the promulgation.

If the CA complies with the demand, the constitution cannot be promulgated before completion of a month after endorsement of the first draft by the CA.

The Committee presented an outline of the time required to collect public opinion to the CA Chairman Subas Chandra Nembang today.

According to the CA Secretariat, the CA panel has demanded three days to publish the draft statute on the Nepal Gazette, three days for publicity, 10 days to visit all 75 districts of the nation to collect people's comments and feedback and next 10 days to analyse them and prepare a final report.

Five more days are required if the lawmakers plan to visit constituencies of the district for comments, according to the outline.

The CA Rules had allocated two months for the tasks.

Committee Chairperson Pramila Rana and members Prabha Devi Bajracharya, Rajeev Bikram Shah, Bakta Bahadur Bishwokarma Khapangi and Umesh Yadav had met the CA Chair.