CA poll process favours women, say experts

Kathmandu, July 20 :

First past the post (FPTP) and proportional representation (PR) systems, which will be adopted for the constituent assembly elections, give more rights to women than the rights ensured by the interim constitution, experts said today.

The interim constitution ensures 33 per cent women’s candidacy in the elections, while the electoral process speaks for the elected women candidates, Prof Kare Vollan, an electoral expert from Norway, said at a programme ‘Electoral Process and Women’s Participation’, organised by the Women’s Alliance for Peace, Power, Democracy and the Constituent Assembly (WAPPDCA).

“The proportional representation, which is fixed on the basis of population density, has allocated 50 per cent seats for women, 31.2 per cent for Madhesis, 13 per cent for Dalits. It has ensured 25 per cent representation of women in the CA,” said Laxman Bhattarai, joint secretary of the Election Commission.

The candidates of respective parties will be elected to the constituent assembly on the basis

of the ranking of their parties in the closed list given by them. Usha Nepal, an election commissioner, said, “Efforts were made to make the electoral process inclusive.”