Call to endorse Social Security Bill pronto

KATHMANDU: Concerned stakeholders have pressed for endorsement of the Social Security Bill which has been tabled at the Legislature-Parliament.

At a meeting of the International Relations and Labour Committee of the Legislature-Parliament today, participants in discussion with lawmakers, experts, workers and industrialists called for embedding separate provisions in the Act for workers involved in organised and unorganised sectors as well.

They warned of a chaos if the Act mentioned identical provisions for all sectors as it had been the practice in the past.

The participants also stressed the need to run social security programmes through a fund by centralising the social security tasks spread across a wide spectrum. They further insisted bringing the concept of social security based on contributions.

The industrialists who were invited at the meeting demanded introduction of a security fund together with the Labour Act.

The representatives of the workers' organisations said the Act must focus entirely on the workers and called for separate Social Security Act for others.

One per cent of the income of employees and workers has been deduced from their salary since 2010 for social security. However, in absence of the Act, the money has not been used so far.

The fund currently has a reserve of Rs 9 billion, Fund's Executive Director Anil Gurung said.