Call for women-led peace bid

Lalitpur, November 24:

Women activists have stressed the need to involve women in conflict resolution by sensitising them on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 through public debates. The resolution recommends women-led peace initiatives for conflict resolution. Speaking at a a programme on ‘UN Security Council Resolution 1325: Women’s Role and Participation in Peace Process, organised here today, Sharada Pokheral of the Women Security Pressure Group said women should be made aware of the resolution so that they can fight for their rights. “They should be well-informed about their legal rights and international conventions ratified for them so that they can get involved in the peace process and conflict resolution.”

Shanta Manavi, a central member of the CPN-UML, said: “Voices of women have remained unheard because of their under-representation in the political parties, parliament and at the decision-making level.” Susheela Sharma, a woman activist, blamed the political parties for not taking any of the commitments seriously. “Women’s issues were raised in the past, but to no avail. None of the commitments made have been implemented till date. The women were not even included in the peace talks between the Maoists and the government.” In October 2000, the UN Security Council unanimously passed Resolution on Women, Peace and Security, urging its member states to ensure the full inclusion of women in all aspects of international peace and security process.

The resolution calls for action in four areas, namely participation of women in conflict prevention and resolution, integration of gender perspectives in peacekeeping missions, protection of women and girls in conflict zones, mainstreaming of gender sensitisation in UN reporting and implementation systems.