Call to boost capacity of indigenous women

Kathmandu, August 8:

A member of the National Planning Commission today said that efforts should be made to enhance the capacity of women from the indigenous and nationalities community so as to enable them to bring about changes in conventional politics.

Dr Chaitanya Subba said the capacity of women from the indigenous and nationalities group should be boosted so that they can demonstrate outstanding performance in the Constituent Assembly (CA).

Speaking at an interaction on ‘Proportional representation of indigenous women in the CA’, organised by the National Network of Indigenous Women (NNIW) on the occasion of the 15th World Indigenous Day and the first national convention of the network, Dr Subba said: “If the indigenous women can strengthen their representation in the CA by enhancing their oratory skills and understanding capacity of political matters, they can bring a great change in the conventional practice existing in politics.”

Stating that the women from non-indigenous groups have improved their capacity, he said, “A lot of money was spent on the non-indigenous women who had access to authorities. The non-indigenous women emerged as the most enterprising women during the early 1980s, whereas some 15 years ago, indigenous women were the most enterprising women of Nepal.”“The nation’s resources are accessible to the non-indigenous women only. Due to this, the indigenous women are lagged behind and have not been able to give a boost to their capacity.”

An advocate, Kunsang Lama, presented a paper on ‘Question on representation of indigenous women, election system and CA’. In the paper, Lama has highlighted the weakness and strength of the election system chosen by the government for the CA polls. He said: “The election system chosen by the government has not ensured the representation and meaningful participation of the indigenous nationalities, marginalised communities, Dalits, and others in the CA.”