Call to join hands to preserve heritage sites

Kathmandu, June 28:

Experts today urged government agencies and people to work together for the conservation of Kathmandu Valley, a world heritage site.

It may be noted that the UNESCO recently removed the Kathmandu World Heritage Site from the list of Monuments in Danger.

Taking note of the UNESCO’s move, the chief archaeologist at the Department of Archaeology (DoA), Rajesh Mathema, said, “Now, we should retain the originality of the heritage site through coordination between the DoA, municipalities, locals and all agencies concerned.”

Earlier, the government had the provision of bearing 10 per cent of total costs incurred in the conservation of traditionally-built private houses and monuments. “Now, the government has sanctioned 50 to 75 per cent support for the maintenance of privately-built constructions.”

The DoA has begun categorising houses built in protected areas, he said. The houses that fall under category ‘A’ can be renovated by retaining their originality, while the houses

under the ‘B’ category can be renovated or reconstructed. The houses falling under the ‘C’ category will be preserved.

Tap Raj Pant, the national programme officer at the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu, said that the implementation of the Integrated Management Plan (IMP) should be the next step for heritage preservation.