Call to protect rights of women in restaurants, dance bars

KATHMANDU: A group of women rights activists today demanded that the government protect the rights of women working at restaurants, dance bars and massage parlours as they are subjected to sexual abuse in their workplaces.

Januka Bhattarai, director, Shakti Samuha, urged the government to guarantee every human being their right to live a life of dignity and to respect the self-esteem of every individual. “The state should guarantee rights to life, liberty and property of every individual,” said Bhattarai, adding that major reason behind sexual violence among these women was social discrimination.

“Women are forced to be abused due to social, religious, economical and cultural reasons,” viewed Bhattarai, adding that sometimes the women were threatened and pressurised to be involved in such activities.

Addressing a programme, she said the government had been unable to protect the women and said these women are not only sexually abused at their workplace but also in foreign countries. More than 7,500 women are

believed to be involved

in flesh trade outside

the nation.

Niru Shrestha, director

of Biswas Nepal, demanded an effective implementation of the Supreme Court verdicts issued for the protection of these women. Shrestha added that the law has prohibited every kind of abuse against human being.

Puja Dhimal, director of Samrashak Samuha Nepal, said concerned authorities were unable to effectively implement the 2009 regulations, which has been formulated to prevent physical abuses in these places.