Kathmandu, April 19

A policy dialogue was held here today to discuss how trafficking of women in the name of foreign employment could be prevented.

Participants of the programme shed light on how women in the country were being trafficked for sex slavery in the name of foreign employment. They also discussed how laws and policies placed restrictions on women seeking foreign employment.

Kiran Rupakhettee, secretary at Social Development Ministry of Province 2, discussed how human trafficking and migration were linked and whether the government’s policies aimed at preventing trafficking of women. Rupakhettee also discussed how protectionist approach of the country violated employment rights of women. He said bilateral labour agreements did not protect the rights of domestic workers abroad.

The event also discussed short-term and long-term impact of protective policies of the country. Participants of the discussion said discrimination against women should end in all spheres of life. “Ensuring employment within the country and addressing issues of domestic workers can help prevent human trafficking,” added Rupakhettee.

The event also shed light on the institutional set-up at the central, federal and local level.