Call to stop haphazard constructions in villages

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 26:

Minister of Physical Planning and Works, Prakahs Man Singh, today said that the government should devise a policy not to let the village development committees give permission for haphazard constructions in villages. “While the municipalities are coming up with building regulations, the villages are giving permissions for haphazard construction for some revenue. Such a trend should be stopped,” he said while addressing a programme on utilisation of water resources.

He added that local bodies in the villages should also utilise local water resources.

Stating that election is the only way to come out of the present situation, he called on the political parties to support the plan to hold the election.

“I wonder why the political parties, which now and then preach of democractic practices, are afraid of the election. In fact, this is the only solution to the crisis,” he added.