Campaign to create awareness about AIDS

Kathmandu, May 15:

A signature campaign was organised here today to create awareness among government organisations, donor agencies and NGOs on the protection of rights of children living with HIV/AIDS.

Nava Kiran Plus, Friends of Hope, National Association of PLWHA, Nepal, Community Support Group, and NAP+N, Pokhara, are among the organisations to launch the campaign. “The countries and partner agencies working in the field of HIV/ AIDS should be flexible enough regarding the treatment of children with HIV/AIDS. Anti Retroviral (ARVT) Therapy Treatment should be easily accessible to all the children living with HIV/AIDS,” said a press release issued today.

The signatories appealed to all the partner agencies to live up to the commitment and to be a leader in providing ARV treatment to the children. There is a need to bring new programmes by the NGOs and INGOs. The organisors of the campaign said children occupy a significant portion of the total number of people infected with HIV/AIDS.