Campaigner returns home with newly wed wife on cycle rickshaw

KATHMANDU: Slow-moving caravan of buses, cars and motorbikes in the busy streets are common sight when there are wedding processions in the Kathmandu Valley.

But people in Kalimati got a chance to witness a different kind of wedding procession on Wednesday. Groom was riding on a cycle rickshaw while the attendants from his side were on bicycles.

A bicycle campaigner, Sailendra Dangol, chose cycles and human-driven three-wheeler -- breaking the urban tradition of borrowing or renting an imported, posh car and other vehicles -- while going to tie the knot and taking his life partner to his house.

The ongoing border blockade and fuel crisis, according to him, was just a co-incidence as he always wanted his big day to be organised in an eco-friendly manner.

The newly wed couple got on the same rickshaw, festooned with marigold flowers and bouquet, after the marriage rituals hosted by the bridal side and headed to the groom's house.

The bride, Sumira Shrestha, is also said to be fond of cycling.

Dangol is currently the Vice-President of City Cycle Network Nepal, a non-profit youth network, that started the Kathmandu Cycle City 2020 campaign to improve the quality of environment and contribute to maintain healthy lifestyle by promoting the use of bicycles.