Capital Briefs

Cash for Work

KATHMANDU: Mercy Corps, a humanitarian organisation working in the country, on Friday said that their 'Cash for Work' programme being implemented in various far-flung districts of Nepal has brought wonderful benefits for hundreds of unemployed people. The project is exclusively funded by the UN World Food Programme. In Kailali alone, approximately Rs 9 million was distributed as wages to 1,397 households through the project of late.

Korean assistance

KATHMANDU: KAAN, a Korean institution established in 2001 with a view to promote knowledge-sharing between Nepal and Korea in the field of training and development, on Friday donated water pump, furniture and other equipment worth Rs 15 million. The function was held at Nepal's Children's Organisation, Child Protection Home, in Siphal ,Kathmandu. The contribution was made by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) through KAAN, according to a statement issued by Korean Embassy in Kathmandu. “The purpose of this donation is to improve the state of water supply and upgrade quality of education,” said the statement.