Cases of bone cancer up

Kathmandu, June 18

Doctors have stressed the need to spread awareness of bone cancer among people.

They have also advised people to visit the hospital immediately if they experience pain in any part of the body and swelling in the area of pain.

According to data with Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, the hospital’s musculoskeletal oncology unit performed surgeries on 139 patients in 2016; 239 in 2017 and 162 in 2018. Only 87 major and minor musculoskeletal oncologic surgeries were performed in the year 2015. These surgeries were conducted for various types of cancer.

“Data shows that the number of patients suffering from bone cancer is on the rise. It may be because more people now have access to health services. Lifestyle of people too is to blame for the rise in the number of such cases,” said Dr Binayak Dhungel, registrar at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital.

Bone cancer can be both primary and metastasis. If cancer starts from the bone, it is primary bone cancer and if it starts from one part of the body and later spreads to the bones, it is called secondary cancer or metastasis,” said Dr Noor Prajapati, registrar at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital.

Early diagnosis of cancer may help in preventing it from spreading to other parts of the body.

Changing lifestyle of people, lack of exercise, genetic factors, smoking and exposure to radiation are major factors that cause bone cancer. Fever or any kind of lump in the body should not be ignored, according to Dr Dhungel. “If one suffers from weakness, pain or swelling then s/he must visit the hospital,” added Dr Dhungel.

Osteosarcoma is the most common bone cancer. It starts in the bones. It is the most common type and is often seen in children and teenagers. It is seen in areas around the knee, shoulder, the pelvis and the back.