Kathmandu, June 4 Number of diarrhoea patients has increased in the capital. Seven among every twenty patient visiting the hospital were found to have contracted diarrhoea, according to a record maintained by Green City Hospital in Basundhara. Earlier the hospital received one or two cases of diarrhoea. Rise in the number of diarrhoea cases is due to high temperature and people consuming unsafe food and water, say doctors. “Warmer temperature and higher humidity are ideal for bacterial growth during summer months,” said Khem Raj Bhusal, Consultant Physician at the hospital. Consumption of contaminated water is the major cause of diarrhoea. Due to rise in the temperature people tend to drink more water. Even a single droplet of contaminated water can be the cause of infection, said the doctor. People suffer from diarrhoea when they eat fruits and raw vegetables washed using contaminated water. They do not wash fruits, vegetables and plates using boiled water. Eating in wet plates and consumption of fruits, raw vegetables washed in unsafe water could cause diarrhoea, said the doctor. Poor quality of water supply, mishandling of food items, basically the food items offered to deities are other reasons for people being infected by diarrhoea. Leakage of drinking water pipes and seepage of drainage water in drinking water pipes are some of the reasons for the contamination of drinking water. “People visit a hospital only after their health condition deteriorates. Some patients come in a highly dehydrated condition. If the patients are severely dehydrated their kidneys get damaged, there are also high risks of mortality due to dehydration. Patients should drink at least half a litre of water, mixed with oral rehydrated solution immediately after passing the stool or urine. Proper hand wash before eating and after using toilet is a must for people to prevent diarrhoeal infections. Avoid eating stale food, wash salad and vegetables in boiled water and do not consume street food items, suggested the doctor. Diarrhoea is one of the major cause or mortality among children under five years of age in the country. Children suffering from diarrhoeal infection require special attention. Breastfeeding mothers should feed their babies adequately and should consume fresh food and water to avoid the disease.