Cases of violence against women decreasing in Bhaktapur district

Bhaktapur, February 14

Cases of domestic violence has been gradually decreasing in Bhaktapur district.

According to Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur, every month more than 10 complaints of domestic violence are still being recorded. In the first six months of this fiscal, 91 cases of domestic violence were recorded. Of them, the MPR has settled 79 complaints.

Umesh Shrestha, assistant sub-inspector at women and children service centre of MPR, Bhaktapur, said 186 domestic violence cases were registered in the fiscal 2015/16 and 225 cases in the fiscal 2014/15.

Nirmala Suwal, local of Duwakot, who had come to MPR, Bhaktapur, to register a complaint, said her husband tortured her physically and mentally almost every day.“My husband used to come home every night under the influence of alcohol and beat me and our children without any reason.” She, however, said that her husband had not returned home for the last eight months. Hence, she had come to the MPR to register a missing complaint.

In the same way, there has been an increase in missing complaints as women are reportedly leaving their houses to escape violence. Sub-inspector Shrestha said 79 complaints of missing women were recorded in the first six months of the fiscal in the district.

Shrestha added in some of these cases women had eloped with their lovers.