Nepal | December 09, 2019

CDC sub-panel settles citizenship issue

Prakash Acharya
Constituent Assembly building, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Photo: THT/File

Constituent Assembly building, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Photo: THT/File

KATHMANDU: Preamble and definition sub-committee of the Constitution Drafting Committee on Tuesday settled the issue of citizenship certificate, according to sub-panel member Sita Gurung.

It was decided that if a Nepali woman married to a foreign national and her husband live in Nepal for at least 15 years, their children will get citizenship certificate by dissent. However, if a Nepali man and her foreigner spouse have proof of living in Nepal, their children will get citizenship certificate by birth, according to Gurung.

The five sub-panels of the CDC were, however, unable to settle some of the contentious issues that were not addressed by the 16-point agreement reached among the four parties on June 8.

The issues that the sub-panels failed to settle are: whether the Supreme Court justices should be reappointed after promulgating the new constitution for the transitional period until the new appointments are made as per the provision of the new constitution; whether to include pluralism in Preamble, how to declare autonomous regions, protected regions and special regions under special structure of provinces to protect underprivileged/ backward/minority groups and regions; and whether to retain the existing structures of districts.

All these issues will be forwarded to CDC on Wednesday.

The sub-panel on judiciary, however, decided that there will be an 11-member parliamentary committee to receive, investigate into and proceed with the complaints related to impeachment against President, Vice President, Speaker, SC justices and office bearers of constitutional commissions, sub-panel member Ramesh Lekhak said.

The sub-panel decided to go for an integrated three-tier judiciary — SC, high courts and district courts.

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