Central Zoo facing problem due to space crunch

LALITPUR: The Central zoo here is facing problem to manage the rescued animals brought from outside due to lack of space to keep them.

Two hundred and ninety-three rescued animals were brought to the Central Zoo from different places in the Fiscal Year 2013/14. The number of rescued animals in the Fiscal Year 2012/13 was 830, according to Chief of the Zoo Management, Sarita Gyawali.

Chief Gyawali said the Zoo management is facing a challenge managing space for the rescued animals as the Central Zoo is already hard pressed to manage the zoo animals due to lack of space.

She said as most of the rescued animals are sick, some of them die in course of treatment. Most of the animals are sent to the national parks after treatment while some are kept at the Zoo.

The Zoo has been taking care of the rescued tigers, bears, monkeys, leopards and various birds. At present there are some 900 animals of 114 species at the Central Zoo which is spread in six hectares area.