Change in weather increases risk of respiratory problems

Kathmandu, May 4

With sudden change in weather for the last few days, the number of patients suffering from respiratory problems has increased. Doctors have also advised such patients to adopt preventive measures to avoid respiratory problems.

“One third of the patients visiting hospitals in Kathmandu valley are having respiratory problems. People are found to be suffering from upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Many of them are also found to be suffering from diarrhoeal diseases,” said Dr Khem Raj Bhusal, consultant physician at Green City Hospital, Basundhara.

Changing weather is harmful as it is favourable for virus and bacteria to grow and multiply. “There are high chances of people suffering from flu during changing weather conditions. People should take utmost care to keep themselves safe from common cold and flu,” he said. Rainwater and pollution increases the risk of diarrhoeal diseases. So, people are suggested not to consume food kept in the open.

People suffering from chronic diseases, people with low immunity, infants and pregnant women are more prone to respiratory problems, according to doctors.

People are also likely to suffer from allergic rhinitis and dermatitis because of air pollution. “Air pollution is likely to exacerbate chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and asthma,” added Dr Bhusal. People, therefore, are suggested to wear masks and refrain from going outdoors unless necessary.