Chief justice consults on case management

Kathmandu, November 13

Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli received suggestions from senior advocates on several affairs including case management today.

On the occasion, CJ Parajuli sought suggestions from senior officials of the apex court on  matters related to case date management, working on additional hours and operating the bench from 9:30am to dispense justice to victims.

Senior advocates had recommended that the Chief Justice convene the bench from 10:30am as bringing into operation the bench from 9:30 am was not scientific.

After the discussion, senior advocate Borna Bahadur Karki said that it would not be scientific to run the bench from 9:30am and that the proper time to start would be 10:30am.

On the occasion, senior officials suggested that the CJ focus on old cases to promptly settle the cases and adjudicate them in a timely manner as justice delayed would have no meaning in some cases.

Over 60 senior legal practitioners including senior justices were present on the occasion.