Chief Justice Paudel appoints SC judges

Kathmandu, July 10:

Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel yesterday appointed four ad hoc judges Damodar Prasad Sharma, Ram Kumar Prasad Shah, Kalyan Shrestha and Gauri Dhakal whose names were approved by the parliamentary public hearing committee on Friday.

“The Chief Justice, who is the chairman of the Judicial Council, has appointed them yesterday,” secretary of the Judicial Council Prakash Kumar Dhungana said. According to him, the Chief Justice will make them take the oath of office soon. The parliamentary hearing committee, after conducting the hearing, had approved the recommendations of the Judicial Council to appoint them in the permanent posts.

This is the first time the CJ has appointed SC judges as Article 103 (1) of the interim statute has given the authority to the Chief Justice. The King used to appoint judges in the past.