Chief Secretary calls for inclusive bureaucracy

Kathmandu, July 30:

Chief Secretary Dr Bhoj Raj Ghimire today suggested a “close competition” among the Dalits, Janajatis, Madhesis and women for their inclusive participation in the country’s bureaucracy.

“Looking at the trends of the present examination system, it is hardly possible that the people from marginalised communities would ever be included in our bureaucracy. There must be some other system to ensure their inclusion,” he said.

He was addressing an interaction programme on ‘Bureaucracy in the Context of New Nepal’, organised by Nepal Government Employees’ Organisation.

He admitted that women and people from Dalit, Janajati, Madhesi community were poorly represented in Nepal’s bureaucracy and people from Muslim community in government service was even difficult to trace. He also concluded that the use of Nepali language as the test language in the examination of Public Service Commission was one of the reasons behind their poor representation. Dr Ghimire also said the people speaking languages other than Nepali as their mother language cannot compete with those speaking Nepali as their mother language.

“By admitting this truth, we are preparing ourselves to a really inclusive bureaucracy in the restructured Nepal,” he said.

“Every year, hardly 16 women, five Janajatis and four Dalits get entry in the bureaucracy as section officer. If it continues, nobody from these communities will win the post of a secretary in next three decades. And, if we follow the ideal practice of reservation from the lower posts, they will not be included even in 100 years,” he said.

Baburam Adhikari, an under-secretary at the Ministry of General Administration, said

reformation of Nepal’s bureaucracy was taking too much time.