Chinese envoy meets PM Oli amid another episode of deep fissures within ruling party

KATHMANDU: A day before the expected Secretariat meeting of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), China’s Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi met Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Tuesday.

This is not the first time that the Chinese ambassador has expressed 'deep interest' in the internal dynamics of the ruling party as rift between warring factions peak.

Early in May, envoy Yanqi had intensified political meetings, with top guns of the ruling party, as the NCP (NCP) was on the verge of a split.

Her 'interference', to an extent, had averted the imminent danger of a split, for the time being, back then.

It is yet to be seen if her engagement(s), seen as foreign interference and stepping over diplomatic lines by political analysts and foreign relation experts, will produce similar results this time - at a time when the Prime Minister and party co-chair himself has directly issued a party-split threat to the dissenting side.

The Dahal and Nepal factions for long have been miffed at the prime minister for taking unilateral decisions on governance issues without consulting the party’s bodies.

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