Christians praying for success of CA election, lasting peace

Kathmandu, March 19:

When the country is about to conduct Constituent Assembly (CA) polls, Catholic churches in the country have been conducting special prayers for the success of CA polls and institutionalisation of peace with prosperity in the country.

Bishop Anthony Sharma said peace has always been a major concern of all in the country, and prayers are being held during the regular masses at churches for the success of the polls.

He said the Catholics across the country have been praying for proper guidance to the political leaders to lead the nation towards positive path, to end discriminations, promote brotherhood, end violence and look for a new peaceful and prosperous Nepal.

“We are praying for a lasting peace in the country through successful Constituent Assembly polls,” he said, adding, the successful polls would open avenues for progress and happiness.

Since October last year, Catholics have been praying for the success of the Constituent Assembly polls, he added.

Chirendra Satyal, media secretary of the Catholic Churches of Nepal, said special prayers are being conducted in the churches ever since the announcement of the Constituent Assembly poll date.

Likewise, prayers are also being held for the success of the polls during weekday masses on Saturdays, he said.

Christians in the country are celebrating Easter on Sunday. Every Catholic in the country is praying for the polls even during his or her family prayers, Satyal said. As Nepal has already been declared a secular state, Satyal said Christians too feel it a duty to pray for the country.