CIAA directs Guthi to return public land

KATHMANDU; The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has directed the Guthi Trust Central Office to return 49 ropanies of public land registered illegally in the name of an individual.

The land was transferred unlawfully from Bhairav Guthi to Madhu Maya Yogi. After unearthing the irregularity, the anti-graft body has directed the Trust to return the land within three months in accordance with Section 12 (B) of the CIAA Act, 1991.

“The decision of the Office to transfer the land was a gross violation of the Act. Therefore, we ordered the return of the land,” the CIAA stated. The CIAA has indicted Deputy Administrator of the Office Dipak Bahadur Pandey for departmental action for illegally transferring the land thereby contravening Section 11 of the Act.

Meanwhile, the anti-graft body also directed the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) to retrieve Rs 5 million from the Lohtse Multipurpose Pvt Ltd, which has been operating bazaar, cinema hall, travelers’ rest room, energy depot, and vehicle maintenance at New Bus Park in Gongabu. The company had flouted the contract by not paying the due amount.

Similarly, the CIAA also stated that it had collected back Rs 1, 72,139 from those government officials who had received the amount from Chamati Land Integration Project without doing any work.