CIAA tells govt to book officials involved in driving licence scam

Kathmandu, August 5:

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority today directed the government to punish the officials involved in issuing driving licences illegally.

The move came after the CIAA found that many people were issued licences even without appearing for driving test and examination. Asking the government to regulate the issuance of licence, the CIAA directed the Ministry of Transport Management to take departmental action against the officials, security personnel and the medical officials concerned for involvement in such illegal act.

The CIAA said many persons had received driving licenses without appearing in the test and written examination due to nexus between public servants and the police. The Bagmati Transport Management Office had issued licences to many people illegally even without taking written and practical test, according to a probe conducted by the CIAA.

Calling on the government to provide sufficient staffers to execute licence related works and computerise the record keeping system of licence holders, the CIAA directed the government to immediately adopt security card system to provide the service effectively.

The constitutional body also directed the government to set up branch offices to provide the service effectively and to take actions against those who have got licences illegally.