CIB steps up ‘Operation Quack’

Kathmandu, March 29

The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police has stepped up investigation to identify bogus doctors, who used fake academic credentials to obtain medical degrees.

So far, the CIB has managed to round up as many 17 such doctors. Some of them were arrested while sitting for the licencing test conducted by the Nepal Medical Council.

DIGP Nawa Raj Silwal, CIB Director, gave no hint of ending the investigation, which is being carried out under ‘Operation Quack’.

“We are making more progress with each passing day and are committed to taking this operation to a logical end,” he said, adding, “Those who earned medical degree by tampering with their academic certificates or producing bogus credentials are liable to punishment under Section 26 and 27 of Nepal Medical Council Act, 2020.”

Section 26 of the Act states that only registered medical professionals can pursue a medical profession directly or indirectly. If any one commits an offence against this Section, such a person may face up to three years in prison or a fine of up to Rs 3,000 or both.

Similarly, Section 27 of the Act does not allow anyone to mention any degree,diploma, certificate or honor relating to modern medicine not obtained by him/her with the motive of pursuing a medical profession.

Anyone found guilty of such an act may face up to three years in prison or a fine up to Rs 3,000 or both.

DIGP Silwal said CIB is coordinating with the Nepal Medical Council and Higher Secondary Education Board to examine the academic certificates of suspects.

The country has nearly 17,000 doctors registered with the NMC.